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WENO MFG LLC. was initially established with the core competency of working in the Food & Beverage industry. WENO MFG LLC. rapidly developed its expertise and became recognized as a world leader in this industry. Our long-standing record of service and commitment to Food & Beverage clients demonstrates our highly developed understanding of sophisticated industry needs.

Our customers include the premier worldwide manufacturers of Food & Beverage handling and packaging machinery. We have a global command when it comes to high-speed Food & Beverage packaging. For these reasons, customers such as Sidel and Ball Plastics have come to trust and rely on WENO MFG LLC.

When emergency machine repairs are required, WENO MFG LLC. is committed to providing rapid response times and quality components. Our ability to provide these services is what customers have come to rely on. Same-day service and part shipment is not uncommon for WENO MFG LLC. with standard orders having a 98% on-time delivery rate. Our rapid turnaround time is due to many factors, including:

  1. WENO MFG LLC. maintains a large inventory of raw materials in-house, reducing (and in many cases eliminating) the time typically needed for ordering and receiving raw materials from outside vendors
  2. We have developed and maintained long-term established relationships with outside vendors, thus ensuring rapid response times for requested materials
  3. Our manufacturing schedule gives us the manufacturing capability to rapidly respond to customer demands
  4. We consistently exceed 98% on-time delivery and quality standards

In the area of reverse engineering, WENO MFG LLC takes pride in receiving a part that is not functioning correctly, improving upon its original design, and returning a functionally superior component. Clients have also come to trust that WENO MFG LLC will create a new and improved component from an outdated or obsolete part which will meet or exceed customer needs and specifications.

With years of experience and by following organized and well-documented procedures, WENO MFG LLC has achieved the top quality system AS9100 Certification. This certification, combined with the expertise it represents, allows WENO MFG LLC to meet the most stringent industry standards, thereby encompassing and exceeding ISO9001:2000 requirements.

In the overall presence of the global economy, we recognize the critical impact of the products that the Food & Beverage industry provides. With a long-standing core competency, global presence, rapid response, and established quality, WENO MFG LLC is proud to significantly and consistently contribute to this vital industry.