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Here at WENO MFG LLC. , we take pride in our ability to provide a wide variety of customers and industries with customized components to meet their exact specifications. Utilizing rapid prototyping skills combined with the latest in software, machining, and quality control equipment, we work hard to ensure that YOUR needs are met to your complete satisfaction.

Take a look below to see some of the unique solutions we provide for various industries.HIGH-SPEED BOTTLING

For many years, the bottling industry was forced to utilize OEM components for its machinery which provided end-users a relatively short useful lifespan. Among consumers, this aspect of manufacturing simply became commonly accepted within the bottling industry. Noticing this trend, Richard Richter, WENO MFG LLC.¬†President/CEO, envisioned techniques to develop stronger and more durable components for bottling machinery, along with rapid manufacturing and delivery techniques, all at a lesser cost than many OEM components. Over the years, WENO’s. reputation has preceded itself, and WENO MFG LLC.¬†is now utilized by various bottling, filling, and packaging machine manufacturers as the OEM supplier for many machine parts. In fact, it is quite likely that virtually every disposable beverage bottle you use has at one point been in contact with a Weno-manufactured part![/vc_column_text][us_separator][vc_column_text]