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Throughout its numerous years in existence, WENO MFG LLC. has developed several close industry partnerships with companies who have continually proven to be experts in their respective fields. These partnerships go much further beyond the typical business relationship, however. As a result of our upstanding business practices, these partners have become companies with which we have developed close strategic interactions, working hand-in-hand to provide you with the ultimate in service.

Going far above and beyond any industry standards means expedited turnaround and delivery times, understanding the quality that is required of a WENO MFG LLC. strategic partner, and providing cost savings which are in turn passed directly to you, the valued customer. What this means for you is that WENO MFG LLC. is able to harness the skills and abilities of numerous local upstanding businesses to help us help you get the job done, quickly and efficiently!


At WENO MFG LLC. , we’ve had the opportunity and privilege of developing numerous business relationships with raw materials sourcing partners. Our upstanding business practices have given us a positive and beneficial reputation with our suppliers, resulting in a win-win-win situation for customers, suppliers, and WENO MFG LLC..  With years of experience in dealing with local & regional companies, you can rest assured that the materials needed to fulfill your order will not only be readily accessible but will be available to you at the absolute best price available.


Plating and treatment of finished components is a vital part of our customer service commitment here at WENO MFG LLC.  Our select list of plating and treatment vendors gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with quality and service at a cost that is in line with your business’ financial needs. In addition, you can trust that the relationships we have developed here at WENO MFG LLC. will offer you the lowest available price with the high quality of service to be expected of every part leaving the WENO MFG LLC. facility.


Heat treating is a vital part of many orders that pass through WENO MFG LLC. doors. The strategic business partnerships we have developed with local  & regional companies ensure that your heat treating needs can be provided at a very reasonable cost and with the level of quality you have come to expect from WENO MFG LLC.